ARKEL products is an extremely experienced Chicago Aluminum Awnings, Chicago canvas awnings and Canopies contractor. We manufacture and install quality canvas awnings and canopies in Chicago at reasonable price. We specialize in canvas and aluminum awnings for your Chicago home and business. We take pride in our reputation of building and installing canvas and aluminum awnings, canopies, patio covers and car ports of the best quality in Chicago and Chicago suburbs.

Our products :

Aluminum Awnings contractor Chicago
  • Steps-like awnings
  • Made from prefabricated and pre-painted aluminum
  • Used for :
    • exterior doors
    • windows
    • corporate and business entrances, docks, windows
    • patio covers
Prefabricated awning sheets will give stable protection in any weather conditions in Chicago and Chicago suburbs given high snow fall in the winter and vehement winds. When choosing among our products make emphasis on the style that will come along with you house architectural scheme. Horizontal folding conveys contemporary styling and such folded awnings and canopies bring modern look to your house.

Aluminum patio cover brings shade and weather protection, reduces energy cost of air conditioning. Enjoy longer stay outside covered by our patio cover!

Canvas Awnings

Make your business stand out by putting your sign or marketing information on a canvas awning. Less expensive, but still bringing energy savings and sun and rain protection you need for your inside and outside. You can choose from amazing selection of canvases and shapes to suite your style and architectural traits of your home or business. You can imprint any type of sign or logo on the fabric and make it unique. Arkel Chicago Canvas Awnings has got multi-year experience in fabrication and installation of canvas awnings. We create our own styles and colors of canvas in cooperation with designers and printing companies. Our canvas awnings are created using top quality materials and and our boad canvas awnings offer will satisfy the most demanding customers. Canvas awnings consist of inprinted canvas and awning metal skeleton. We provide awning takedown and hangings and exceptional fabric repairs.

Awnings contractor in Chicago awnings and canopies installation in Chicago

We own awning fabrication shop in Chicago, we install awnings and canopies in Chicago from 2011 with exremely good ratings for our awning installation services in Chicago. Please refer to our reviews. We are moving very quickly with awnings installation, after initial contact we are coming to take measurements and offer some styles for the awning. We manufacture awnings and canopies, so anything is possible. Welcome to the Chicago awning dream land where awnings and canopies are manufactured and installed at extremely competitive price.

Door awnings

A protective door canopy is a smart investment into your home. Your entrance will be protected from rain or snow, your customers or visitors will always have protection as they enter. Say goodbye to dirt and slushy carpets by your door !

Air Conditioning and Heating Cost Reduction

Everyone knows how much it costs to keep your house cool during the summer in Chicago. Do you know that window awnings can bring temperature down by as much as 20 degrees ?! Awnings also reduce drafts and reduce need of heating during winter !

Patio Covers and Car Ports

Out patio covers are built from heavy duty structural roofs providing appropriate strength for the heaviest snowfall or winds. Our pre-fabricated roofs come in great variety of sizes and style to suite your application. They provide protection from sun and severe Chicago weather so you can enjoy outdoor living longer and protect your car from adverse weather conditions.

Notes on Manufacturing and Installation Quality of Our Awnings and Canopies

We manufacture our awnings and canopies in our factory located in Chicago, IL, we are proud of our quality standards. We manufacture awnings and canopies perfectly. Our installation team consists of very skilled professionals with multi-year experience in installation of awnings and canopies.